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​Why can Moore's law continue? I can't believe it's packaging technology!

Internet of things, big data and AI technologies are putting forward new requirements on chip performance, power, area cost and time to market (ppact), which has spawned a new solution. One of the key technologies is advanced packaging, which is used to support heterogeneous design and integrate var


​Three Fabs compete for 3D Packaging

Since the invention of integrated circuit, it has gone through several decades. In these years, advanced semiconductor processes have developed rapidly according to Moore's law. Today, with the slowdown of Moore's law, the integrated circuit industry is entering the era of post Moore's law.


​Market structure changes, silicon wafer price rising trend may occur

Recently, global wafer, a large silicon wafer manufacturer, announced that it intends to acquire silicon wafer manufacturer sitronic Ag at a price of 125 euro per share. Global said the negotiations were in the final stages and a deal was expected to be announced in the second week of December.