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​Zheng Li: in the post Moore era, packaging has become a precision engineering of Microsystem integra

Driven by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the development of the housing economy and new applications such as 5G, intelligence and new infrastructure have led to the growth of semiconductor market demand and the shortage of goods continues. This situation also extends to the field of semiconductor


​Why the price mechanism fails due to the shortage of semiconductor industry

In the semiconductor industry, the price of the whole industry rose sharply, but the gap between supply and demand continued to expand, and there was no sign of any improvement in the market "lack of core".


​Why can Moore's law continue? I can't believe it's packaging technology!

Internet of things, big data and AI technologies are putting forward new requirements on chip performance, power, area cost and time to market (ppact), which has spawned a new solution. One of the key technologies is advanced packaging, which is used to support heterogeneous design and integrate var